Rivajam 150 Mason Bee House Tubes Refill Pack
Rivajam 150 Mason Bee House Tubes Refill Pack

Rivajam 150 Mason Bee House Tubes Refill Pack


Rivajam 150 Mason Bee House Tubes Refill Pack | 75 Cardboard Bee Tubes & 75 Paper Mason Bee Tube Liners | Mason Bee Supplies for Solitary Beehive House | Garden Pollinator Bee House Nest Tubes

Keep your bee house clean and help save the bees – perfect for the Rivajam Beekeeper Pro Edition

Watch your home garden flourish and help save the friendly pollinator mason bees!

Keep your mason bee home clean and happy with this 150 piece refill pack of 75 cardboard bee nesting guard tubes and 75 bee paper inserts liners. A perfect fit for all Rivajam mason bee starter kit products, these bee nest box refill tubes are sized to create the perfect native bee habitat for maximizing male to female bee larvae (5”). Use a variety of Rivajam mason bee nest box insert products to invite various sizes of solitary bees eg carpenter, leafcutter, orchard & mason bee to your home garden bee house.

A bamboo bee house with a short bee house bamboo tube is unsuitable for nesting, making most of the bees hatch male. A bamboo bee hive has tubes that are glued in to the house and can’t be removed or replaced, leaving the bee nesting cavities impossible to clean without damaging the bee cocoons! A bee hotel kit has become a popular garden gift, but if the mason bee cocoons can’t be easily and gently removed to clean the bee house, you will need a new bee hotel every year – a very costly exercise!

Easy to replace tubes

Rivajam 150 Mason Bee House Tubes Refill Pack

Rivajam’s Quick-Place Bee Nesting Tubes system lets you reset your bee hive and start fresh only as needed. The thick strong outer cardboard tubes protect the precious bee larvae, while the paper inserts are easy to slide out and unwind to inspect and store your mason bee cocoons. This is great news for the friendly bees…and your home garden!

Our versatile range of bee tubes & natural phragmite reed refill packs are designed to fit any Rivajam bee home kit, or used to build your own bee box with other beekeeping supplies. Check out our other great value Rivajam mason bee houses and supplies, built to last and all include natural bee nest tubes (also known as “bee straws”) that can be removed, reused, or replaced as needed – saving you money!

Designed in Australia, Made in China.


  • Clean Bee House: Mason bee tubes refill packs to build a mason bee box.
  • Reusable Bee Tubes: Tough cardboard tubes & easy open mason bee tube liner to inspect/store cocoons.
  • Save the Friendly Bees: Perfectly sized solitary bee hive tubes, maximizes male to female larvae.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our mason bee nest tubes & bee houses are made from sustainable materials.
  • Guarantee: If you are unhappy, please contact us. As a family business we love happy customers.
  • Beneficial bug mason bee attractant for cocoons.
  • Cardboard bee nesting tubes & paper inserts.
  • Native solitary bee friendly nesting box liners.
  • Attract solitary native pollinators to home garden.
  • Mason bee keeping supplies for the garden.

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