Rivajam Mason Bee House Wax Coated Nesting Bee Box | Phragmite Reeds
Rivajam Mason Bee House Wax Coated Nesting Bee Box | Phragmite Reeds

Rivajam Mason Bee House Wax Coated Nesting Bee Box | Phragmite Reeds


Rivajam Mason Bee House Wax Coated Nesting Bee Box | Phragmite Reed Mason Bee Tubes Filled Pollinator House | Mason Bee Houses for The Garden | Leafcutter & Solitary Bee Houses for Pollinating Bees

Help your garden thrive, with the Rivajam Phragmite Reed Mason Bee House!


This hand-made, specially designed pine wood bee house is coated in a bee-friendly wax coating to help protect it from the elements. The included removable phragmite reed tubes help attract different native bees, and are easy to split open to gently inspect & store the precious bee cocoons. Unlike many other types of single season use bamboo bee house that uses bamboo tubes (frequently causing damage to the bee larvae), this means that you can enjoy your Rivajam Mason Bee House for many years. Various Rivajam mason bee supplies refill packs are available. The Rivajam Mason Bee House pollinator garden kit is suitable for solitary bees like Mason, Orchard, Leafcutter, Aphid or Carpenter bees.

A Clean Bee Hotel Kit: Mason Bees live a solitary lifestyle, nesting in any bee hotels or solitary bee house they can find! A mason bee home (or “bee nesting box”) should be filled with suitably sized mason bee tubes and inserts – but most importantly they should be replaceable (not glued in) to allow cleaning each season. Most ‘bee hotel’ products available do not allow removal of their bee reeds & bee nest tubes for easy cleaning of nesting cavities. This step is often overlooked, but it is so incredibly important! A dirty bee hotel is no place for bees to raise their young… After all, would you stay in a hotel that couldn’t be cleaned? No, us neither!

A complete Mason Bee House Kit: Mount your Rivajam Mason Bee House in full sun, facing south east or south, between 3.3ft & 6.5ft off the ground, with no trees or plants covering the entrance. Securely mount your Mason Bee House with the two included hooks (fixings not included – use the right fixing for your mounting surface) so that it does not move in the wind.

Includes detailed instructions, making a perfect beekeeping starter kit.

Designed in Australia, Made in China.

Dimensions are 5.9”H x 8.67”L x 5.9”W.


  • Removable 5″ Mason Bee Nesting Tubes: Replace as needed each season; Rivajam bee supplies available.
  • Our bee-friendly wax coating helps protect your wooden bee house & the Mason Bees from the weather.
  • A beautifully boxed bee hotel, this bee keeper starting kit makes a perfect pollinator garden gift!
  • Pollinating bee houses need secure mounting, hooks are included on the back (fixings not included).
  • Guaranteed Mason Bee House Kits: If you are unhappy with your bee hive decor, please contact us.
  • Sustainable beekeeping starter kit for sale.
  • A secure nesting box for bees.
  • Replaceable cardboard tubes with paper inserts.
  • Beneficial bee house for your backyard.
  • Bring native pollinators to your garden.

Additional information

Weight 1.56 lbs
Dimensions 7.7 × 6.1 × 6.1 in


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