Rivajam Bee Nesting Paper Inserts | 125 Piece Pack of Paper Inserts


Rivajam Bee Nesting Paper Inserts | 125 Piece Pack of Paper Inserts | Beekeeper Pro Edition New Replacement Nesting Paper Inserts | Natural Refill Inserts for Mason Bee House Hotel

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Keep your bee house clean and help save the bees – perfect for the Rivajam Beekeeper Pro Edition

This pack of paper inserts contains 125 pieces. These paper inserts tubes are perfectly sized for native bees to maximize male to female bee larvae (approx 5”), and are designed to fit perfectly into our strong cardboard guard tubes (packs sold separately). Many bee houses have short tubes. This makes most of the bees hatch as males.

You can use these paper inserts in a variety of different native bee houses; they are easy to unwind so you can gently inspect & store your precious bee babies. This helps to lessen damage to the bee larvae, which frequently happens in bee houses that use bamboo tubes for more than a single season. Unlike many other single season use mason bee houses available today that are made with bamboo tubes, this means that you can enjoy your bee house for many years.

Most ‘bee hotel’ products available do not allow for easy cleaning of nesting cavities. This step is often overlooked, but it is so incredibly important! You can imagine that a dirty hotel is not a good place for bees to raise their young… After all, would you stay in a hotel that couldn’t be cleaned? No, us neither!

Unlike many similar products available, our Rivajam solitary bee house range of products (each sold separately) are made to be refillable so that they can be cleaned and used again from year to year.

Bee ‘Hotels’ have become very popular in recent years, but if they can’t easily be cleaned, will usually become a very risky place for bees to nest in as time goes on – using our quick-place Nesting Tubes system allows a chance each season to reset the beehive and start fresh!

Designed in Australia, Made in China.


  • A Clean Bee House: Our paper inserts are easy to gently open to inspect the bee larvae
  • Replaceable Nesting Tube: Strong cardboard guard tubes (sold separately) are available to perfectly fit these paper inserts
  • Support Bee Populations: We have designed perfect nesting tubes, to maximize male to female larvae
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our replacement tubes are made with sustainable materials
  • Guarantee: If you are unhappy, please contact us. As a family business we love happy customers
  • Maximize bee habitat and male to female larvae.
  • Replaceable paper inserts.
  • Sustainable environmentally friendly nest liners.
  • Perfect attractant for solitary pollinator bees.
  • Bring native pollinators to your garden.

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